What Hair Grade Are You In?

Guess you’re wondering about these numbers? 5A, 7A, 10A, 11A, 12A, 15A. Well, you’re not alone! Before I started down my hair-trepreneur journey, I researched every single aspect of hair that I could. There’s still so much that I don’t know but let’s walk the journey together, shall we?

Since Mission: Tress The World focuses on selling human hair 10A grade and above, we’ll keep the conversation relative to that. So, what’s the difference between these numbers, also known as ‘grade of hair’, that could help you achieve that ultimate look you’re going for? Let’s dive in but keep it short & sweet.

5A and 6A: It is human hair but non-virgin, single donor hair (a.k.a. non-virgin remy). This grade has more short hair strands in the bundle. The cuticles are facing towards different directions. The hair will be processed by the acid bath to remove cuticles so that it feels soft and no tangle, but only for 1-3 months with good hair care.

 7A human hair is likely considered middle-of-the-road because it is regarded as the lower quality human hair than 8A, 9A, and 10A. 7A grade real human hair weave is quality human hair with the original cuticle. Hair bundle extensions are thick, strong and durable, have less tangle and shedding according to your maintaining method. This grade of human hair bundles can be dyed, permed, or other restyled to any hairstyle you like.

8A and 9A human hair are 100% virgin, remy human hair that is harvested from one donor. This hair has original cuticle and strand run in the same direction, these two-grades offer good hair-wearing experience due to virtually no shedding or tangle and restyles easily. 8A and 9A grade quality with exceptional wear care habits can last to up to one year.

Grade 10A and above is the best grade human hair weave. It is often times 100% virgin, raw unprocessed human hair from one donor (remy) with thick ends and strong human hair structure. 10A grade human hair and weave styles restyles easily and can be dyed or permed like your natural hair can. 10A grade human hair bundles also require less special maintenance but last much longer than the aforementioned grades, however, these latter grades are more expensive for these reasons.

When it comes to purchasing human hair wigs and bundles, just think you’ll pay for what you get. The higher the grade, the higher the quality, look and feel; and the higher the cost. But, I guarantee, you will slay the day with your gorgeous tresses!

Shop with confidence!

Love, M


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